“Manifesto on Freedom”

Publication date: Apr 1, 2016

Publisher: White Stag, Vol III #psychologia

Description: These introspective writings explored the vast realities of the human psyche through chemical, traumatic, & physical effects on the brain, & through the phenomena of clairvoyance & dreaming. The featured authors weave the mind & soul so tightly they are nearly indistinguishable, revealing the mind as a physical manifestation of the soul & the soul as the essence of the mind. Their works draw fruit from the soul & translate singular experience into empathic connections revealing the complexities of our seemingly innate capacity for emotion. We are drawn into an otherworld, bereft of science & technology, but rich in human experience.

“The Red Frame”

Publication date: Jun 15, 2015

Publisher: Waxwing, Issue 6

Description: A long lyric nonfiction essay that begins with the questions: “What is my story? What is my life concept?” As a Korean adoptee, I don’t know my original frame, but I know I need a different one to go forward in my life. As a writer and an artist, how does one surrender all control, all sense of self or artifice, without becoming lost? Through researching grief and trauma psychology, child psychology and the trope of the lost/abandoned child, dialogical self theory and fairy tales, I hope to come to new revelations about my personal experiences in relation to myth, reality and the concrete, all held within the metaphor of the red frame.

“Where Did the Art Come From?”

Publication date: May 5, 2015

Publisher: New Delta Review, Issue 5.2

Description: A personal and philosophical exploration of the origins and role of Art in my life and my relationship with my mother.

“My Favorite Essay to Teach: On Diane Seuss’s ‘Turd’”

Publication date: Jan 26, 2015

Publisher: Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies Blog, In Present Tense

“Like An Angel On the Balcony”

Publication date: Nov 1, 2014

Publisher: Portland Review Fall 2014, Vol. 61, No. 1

Description: A poetic essay about place, grief and coming to know the self in relation to another.

“The Yin Yang: Dialectical Symbolism”

Publication date: Apr 2011

Publisher: More Voices: A Collection of Works from Asian Adoptees (Koryo Press)

Description: Twelve years after "Voices From Another Place" was published in 1999 to give voice to the first generation of Korean adoptees, it's time to hear again from Asian adoptees. My essay, "The Yin Yang: Dialectical Symbolism" was published among many others in the anthology edited by Susan Soonkeum Cox.

Columnist for “Becoming Realer: Identity, Craft and the MFA”

Publication dates: Sep 2010 – Jun 2012

Publisher: Lantern Review Blog: Asian American Poetry Unbound

Description: "Becoming Realer: Identity, Craft and the MFA" is a column that explores issues of poetry, theory and writing craft in relation to the personal experiences of Saint Mary’s College ofCalifornia Creative Writing MFA candidate and LR staff writer, Kelsay Myers.

Contributing Writer for “Refuse the Silence”

Publication date: Nov 2010

Description: Wrote two articles for the blog Refuse the Silence: Women of Color in Academia Speak Out in the Kalamazoo College section. The articles were entitled "Why I Refuse the Silence: Resistance Education" and "All I Could Hear Was Whiteness" on my experiences as a student of color in private liberal arts colleges. Co-wrote the "Letter of Intent" with Nina Reyes and Amy Jin Johnson. The blog is unfortunately now defunct.


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