Current Projects



The Red Years: A Collection of Essays

I am working on a collection of long lyric essays that continues to explore my inquiry into the color red, adoption loss, the grieving process, fairy tale mythology, dreams and how to tell a story to begin with. The first essay, “The Red Frame,” was published in Waxwing and can be read below.


Deconstructing the Bowler Hat: Life as an Object Lesson in Dialogical Persona

How does art enable a living expression of a multifaceted and whole self? I will write a memoir exploring each facet of my inquiry using personal narratives, the body, and internal and external objects in order to heal traumas. Building off my earlier work in identity construction as an “aesthetic blitz” of pop culture, art, theory, and lived experience, this work goes deeper by embodying metaphors of the soul for psychospiritual wholeness.

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100 Percent

François Truffaut once said, “Arbitrarily, I can say that my films are composed of the following: 20% autobiographical material, 20% stories I read in the papers, 20% things that happened to people around me, and 20% pure invention.” When asked what happened to the last 20%, Truffaut’s last great love, actress Fanny Ardant, replied with a statement about love as an ideal that we place so high, it almost seems out of reach. These two quotes, as well as the Truffaut/Ardant love affair have captured my interest for many years, and I am working on a project using what I call “love fractals” that sets up a pattern of repeating iterations that get closer and closer to an ideal definition of love using famous quotes about love and my personal quest for more love and knowledge as a woman and lesbian.


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