Artist Statement

I used to think art was about the beautiful, or perhaps the pursuit of it. An aesthete by nature, I’ve been accused of being attracted to “shiny, pretty things,” and I am. I love the shiny, pretty things! In a Mixed Media class I took at Kendall College of Art and Design one summer in high school, I found myself painting and collecting all the shiny, pretty things I could find to use. I’m still a collector of these things; that’s probably why I fell into the San Francisco Bay Area found object art installation scene from 2011-2016 under the guidance of some incredible and inspiring artists in the Asian American Women Artists Association, though I’ve now moved on to new artistic spaces and practices.

One of my favorite quotes by French actress, Fanny Ardant, is: “As a girl, whenever I read a beautiful passage in a book, I would run to my sister and read it to her. It is the feeling that you have to share the beautiful with someone else.” Art, for me, gets at that yearning. It is about the acts of seeing and being seen—that feeling that you have to share the beautiful, or the grotesque, or the frightening, or the true self with someone else.


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