Kelsay Elizabeth Myers is a transformational writer, theorist, found object installation artist, teacher, and conscious dancer who stands for self-expression in all of its forms: creative, embodied, spiritual, written and living. She has dual Masters of Fine Arts degrees in Creative Writing for Nonfiction and Poetry from Saint Mary’s College of California and is currently a doctoral student in Transformative Studies at California Institute of Integral Studies.

In her work and research, she looks at the ecology of self, humanity, and the world to try to create something beautiful from the composition and, sometimes, from the wreckage. Taking psychospiritual wholeness as an overarching framework, her living inquiry is about the very inner workings, aesthetic renderings, and artistic expression of being human. She is particularly interested in the existentialist’s question of the meaning of being, the dialogical self, how we use objects as personal metaphors and embodiments of the soul, and trauma healing.

Born in Busan, South Korea and growing up in the Midwest, she now lives in her dream house in Marin County, California with her cat, Kierkegaard “Kiki” Mao, and her best friend, taking in all the warmth, light, and love surrounding her.


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